WC Connector FAQs

Have a question on our WC Connectors, then have a look at our frequently asked questions below. Still can't find what you are looking for? Call our Technical Services team on 01622 82695.

WC Coneector Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect two WC pan connectors together?

Yes, if you use the MKL1 Multilink.

Simply attach the first connector to the pan then attach the Multilink so it covers all the fins and finally attach the second connector.

I need an offset Multikwik greater than 18mm?

We offer both 40mm and 100mm offset connectors (pictured below). Alternatively Multikwik are able to assist in providing non-standard solutions to overcome difficult installations, just dial our fabrications Technical Support Team for advice or to discuss your requirements.

What are the minimum and maximum length dimensions of your MKC2 flexible pan connector?

The minimum distance is 220mm and the maximum distance is 550mm.

What do I do if the pan outlet and the soil pipe spigot aren't completely aligned?

WC connectors are made to be flexible enough to accommodate some movement. If there is only a marginal deflection between the soil pipe and the pan outlet, a Multikwik WC connector with an all-purpose tail will cope easily enough and can be pushed into the pipe.

Once in place, align the pan outlet or pipe with the connector socket and push it through the sealing flanges to achieve a watertight joint.
If the pan and pipe are misaligned by more than a few millimeters, trying to force a standard WC connector to take that strain could lead to the outlet deflecting and causing leaks. In these circumstances it is best use an offset Connector. These are available up to 100mm.