Sanitary FAQs

Have a question on the sanitary range, then take a look at our frequently asked questions below. Still can't find what you are looking for? Call our Technical Services team on 01622 82695.

Sanitary Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a bottom entry concealed cistern?

Yes, the TRC1821 is a bottom entry concealed cistern. We also do a side entry concealed cistern (TRC1820).

Do I need to fit a separate overflow with the Multiflush valve?

No, the Multiflush valve has an internal overflow, which must be set to the correct height during installation. See instructions on the packaging for more details.

Do you manufacture a 2” flush pipe nut for the 2” Multiflush Dual Flush Valve?

No - The 2” Multiflush valve is for close coupled toilet suites and close-coupled European pans only which do not require a flush pipe.

Can I use a floor standing back-to-wall WC pan with a Multikwik WC support frame?

No, the flush pipe inlet and waste outlet positions of floor standing back-to-wall WC pans are not compatible with WC frames.

Are Multikwik WC frames compatible with all wall-hung WC frames?

Most modern wall-hung WC pans are compatible with the Multikwik WC frame fixing dimensions, plumbing connections and flush volumes. (Note: Always check before installation and if in doubt contact our technical dept for advice on 01622 852695)

Where can I buy spare parts from for my Multikwik concealed cistern or WC frame?

Multikwik spare parts can be purchased online direct from spares partner Pipekit

Do you have a concealed cistern suitable for bathroom furniture?

Yes, the Proteus concealed cistern TRC1830 is just 405mm W x 330mm H x 142mm D and is supplied complete with a flush bend and chrome dual flush button.

Can I use your dual flush plates with any of the Multikwik concealed cisterns?

No, the dual flush plates are only compatible with the TRV1820 concealed cistern and all Multikwik WC frames.

Where can I find technical specification details for Multikwik sanitary systems?

Go to the Marley Plumbing & Drainage or Hunter Plastics websites and visit the download centre for further information. Alternatively download our Technical Specification brochure.