Sanitary Range

Multikwik sanitary frames are literally the backbone of professional plumbing, by supporting the wallhung chinaware, concealing unsightly pipework and allowing for easier cleaning and maintenance. The range includes 820, 985 and 1185mm frames for various bathroom fittings, including WCs, sinks and support panels for special needs. This allows to design a bathroom for any customer requirement.

Strength - Multikwik sanitary frames will support loads in excess of 400kg (63st) and are designed for a 25 year lifespan.

Water conservation - The dual flush capability offers a choice of 6/3 and 4/2 litre flushes.

Easy to maintain - Any necessary maintenance can be achieved through the flush plate access, avoiding the need for expensive, obtrusive access panels

Aesthetics - The very nature of the concealed frames allows for clean design lines by concealing unsightly pipework, taking up no more space than a traditional back to the wall installation.

Easy to clean - With the sanitary ware suspended from the frame, cleaning is far easier, faster and more effective, a key requirement for Facility Managers.

Product range - With a choice of 985 & 1185mm height options for different applications, the frames can e.g. be used under a window or under a vanity shelf or at full height.

Versatile - The full range of interchangeable Multikwik flush plates can be used with any Multikwik frame and are available as surface or recess mounted. 

Problem Solvers...

We recognise, we all need problem solvers every now and again… we have a range that I'm sure you'll be glad to see...

  • Fully Adjustable with in built adjustable feet and extra long wall mounting brackets coupled with a clear one meter marker, this makes  our system the most adaptable to meet on site requirements, and makes last minute adjustments simple.
  • Fill valve protector - One of the challenges of concealed cisterns are that the internal products are in close proximity and can sometimes 'snag' - we have added a protector to ensure the fill valves functionality.
  • Roughing in box - Designed to protect the cistern functionality and also offers unrivalled adjustability (cut to suit) allowing for all depth and material of wall finishings for a professional job every time.
  • Doc M - Multikwik have a range of 'special needs' systems, to ensure you can meet the requirements of Doc M without having to source from additional 'specialist' suppliers.
  • Vandal Resistant and infrared flush plates and fittings ensure Multikwik offer a one stop shop for all your project's sanitary needs.

In addition Multikwik offers a compact float manifold system, ideal for ranges of pans in commercial applications.

Multikwik's wide product range and sanitary specialism can help plan your project within budget to the highest possible standard.