Compression Waste Range

When designing and building any type of development, we know that costs and aesthetics can play a huge part in making decisions. That’s where Multikwik offers the choice – standard white compression waste components for hidden plumbing, and a chrome covered compression waste system for exposed pipework. Both options have a smooth inner bore, to reduce the chance of blockages and thumb recesses for easy hand tightening.

To complete the system take a look at our extensive range of traps. To finish the look, consider installing our chrome covered bottle trap, which adds a bit of shine to the bathroom. 

Problem Solvers...

We recognise, we all need problem solvers every now and again… we have a range that I'm sure you'll be glad to see

  • Multiflex are a range of adjustable compression waste that help overcome some of the challenges that come with non uniform installations
  • Sleek internal design - We have designed our fittings so they do not need an internal pipe locating sleeve, thereby reducing the chance of blockages
  • Trap hose nozzle can be added to 40mm compression fittings, to allow a simple and discrete appliance installation
  • Easy Boss adaptor can be added to 40mm compression fittings and provides a simple solution for condense connections