A dedicated fleet of more than 30 specialist commercial vehicles has been introduced by Aliaxis, the parent company to Multikwik, to meet with its nationwide operational requirements. Complete with the latest technology, the new transport vehicles are fully in line with strict environmental standards due to the state-of-the-art Euro 6 design.

Distribution Partner, Fraikin, one of the largest fleet management companies in Europe, has supplied vehicles designed specifically for Aliaxis, inclusive of drivers and specialist fleet management.

The new vehicles meet the rigorous environmental requirements of Euro 6, a standard created to significantly reduce pollutants and emissions from all vehicles on the road, particularly significant for commercial vehicles in urban areas. In fact a study conducted into the 159 bus route in London (thus representing real world driving) showed that the introduction of Euro-6 for commercial vehicles will see an 85-fold (99%) reduction in NOx emissions from Euro V.

All vehicles also feature the most up-to-date technology, including an on-board ecodrive telematics system that significantly improves the visibility and performance of the fleet for the drivers, as well as a start-stop system to reduce long idle times.

Colin Melvin, Strategic Customer Development Director at Fraikin explains: “It is so important that the most up-to-date commercial vehicles are being deployed on our roads to guarantee driver safety, improve average vehicle economy and contribute to a greener environment. In this way, we were very happy to work closely with Aliaxis as a distribution partner to ensure we could provide a fleet that specifically met their objectives.”

 Incorporated in the new vehicle designs are enhancements to improve driver safety and the load security of the truck.  These feature the front and side platforms included into the demount chassis, an integrated step design and the introduction of a driver fall arrest system, along with flexible lateral and transverse load security systems.

Aliaxis Logistics Manager, Tom Hamlyn comments: “By working with Fraikin, we are confident that we are operating the very best in fleet performance. By drawing upon their specialist knowledge we now have vehicles which not only meet the highest safety and environmental standards, but also help us to provide a professional and reliable service for our customers.”

Communications Manager, Samantha Park adds: “Investment in new technology also gave us the opportunity to give the fleet a smart new look. The familiar brands Hunter and Multikwik are still prominent, it’s just that now they are accompanied by their sister companies within the Aliaxis group. This is not simply a visual change; our group philosophy of working in collaboration enables us to pool specialist expertise and offer a greater choice to our customers.”

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Date Published: January 2016